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A unique childrens art gallery A Childs View opened in the centre of Moscow on September 4, 2003. It is the only childrens art gallery in Russia, where the expositions of works of disabled children are presented. Works of children with full and partial loss of hearing, chained by illness to a wheelchair, visually impaired, with speech disturbance, children whose parents are deprived of their parental rights. So, we are very glad to present to you part of those works in our virtual childrens gallery. Love of creative work is fascinating and necessary. It helps each person to feel individual, to overcome many difficulties, to find confidence in life and new friends and allies. The childrens art gallery today >>.

About us

The regional charitable public fund of aid to development of creative work of disabled children A Childs View was found on March 1, 2000. The fund sets itself a great number of tasks, but the main aim of it is adaptation of disabled children by means of art. Creative work is one of few opportunities for these children to tell about them to the world around.

The mainstream of activity of the charitable fund A Childs View is holding and organization of exhibitions and festivals of childrens creative works.

Love of creative work is fascinating and necessary. It helps each person to feel individual, to overcome many difficulties, to find confidence in life and new friends and allies. It is important, that nowdays many not indifferent people are united around the fund A Childs View. I am sure, that holding impressive expositions will become the important stage in the young artists life, it will serve noble business of popularization of creative work of disabled children and orphans and will raise the role of charitable organizations in this direction from the letter of the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.

Owing to the work of the childrens art gallery A Childs View disabled children and orphans get a good chance to express their inner world in the language of art, to realize their abilities and to show their talents. No doubt, such events draw attention of the general society, support the children morally, help them to find confidence, to break a barrier of estrangement and to become fully fledged members of society says First deputy Moscow Mayor in the Moscow Government Lyudmila Shvetsova.

Exhibitions give a good opportunity to the children to demonstrate their abilities, to feel love, support and sympathy of the society in their destiny. The childrens art gallery helps the children to feel themselves fully fledged members of society. Being absorbed in art is the best therapy. Creative work helps them to express their world vision, a childs vision. We are sure, that art will help the disabled children to break the barrier of estrangement from society says the Chairman of Board of directors of charity foundation Krokin E.

The childrens art gallery A Childs View cooperates with more than 120 boarding schools, rehabilitation centres, childrens homes, public organizations in Moscow and Moscow region, Severouralsk, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Vologda, Glazov, Apsheron, Tuapse, Beslan, Grozni, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, Tula area, Karelia, Riga, etc. The fund gives every month scholarship to the talented disabled children and supports the teachers of imitative and applied arts financially, who works with the disabled children successfully.

We judge of wellbeing of the society from that, how much attention the government pays to the problems of socially not protected layers of the society. Not many people are interested in the destiny of children, who are deprived of their share, and some people are frightened simply with a word disabled. It should not be so in the civilized world. We should do all our best the disabled children did not feel deprived them of their share.

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