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The regional charitable fund of Aid to development of creative work of disabled children A Childs Viewwas founded on March 1, 2000.

During that period the fund helped a lot of disabled children and organized more than 100 childrens art exhibition in the most famous exhibition halls of Moscow. An exhibition is a good opportunity for the little artists for self-actualization, it helps them to feel love support and sympathy of the society in their destiny.

At last a unique childrens art gallery A Childs View opened in the centre of Moscow on September 4, 2003. it is the only childrens art Gallery in the world where the exposition of works of disabled children is presented: works of children with full and partial loss of hearing, chained by illness to a wheelchair, visually impaired, with speech disturbance, children whose parents are deprived of their parental rights. We are very glad to present to you part of those works in our virtual gallery. The exposition in the gallery fund changes regularly.

22 studios opened at the fund:
- there are 2 art studios for juniors in the fund gallery
- there are 3 studios for disabled children and orphans at the boarding-schools
- ceramics studio and potters workshop
- 2 home-education studios
- 14 studios in other cities: Severouralsk, St.-Petersburg, Sevastopol, Vologda, Glazov, Apsheron, Tuapse, Beslan, Grozni, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, Tula area, Karelia, Riga. I n all the abovementioned studios the young artists are taught by the specialists of our fund.

Art critics and teachers of our fund organize master-classes both for the foster-children of the studios and for the art teachers working at the boarding-schools.

It is a great pleasure for the children to attend such classes, because potters skills and painting art allow them to open their internal attitude and develop their abilities.

Our fund cooperates with many organizations, main aim of which is to help the disabled children and orphans to adapt to the world around. It helps us to solve a great number of problems connected with the social adaptation of the children and development of their abilities.

The childrens art gallery is situated to the following address: 16 Pushkaryev pereulok, metro station Sukharevskaya, Moscow. Working hours: 11.00-18.00.

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