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The investor financing culture and education has not got any profit from it, but for all that he gets return, which is measured not by money, but prestige and attention to him and by other components of the positive image, and in total it influences on the commercial result.

The fund periodically holds wide range of events such as exhibitions, festivals of children’s creative work, concerts to attract attention of the society.

The mass-media is invited to every such event. Therefore we are ready to make mention of your sponsor support and our cooperation in all editions, which publish articles about our fund, to place your banners and logos during all the events held by us.

We hope you’ll find strength and opportunities to support the activity of our fund, as disabled children need your support.

Our details:

The charitable fund of development of creative work of disabled children
26/1 Bolshaya Polyanka street, Moscow
Taxpayer identification number 7706206126
Russian classification of Enterprises and Organizations OKPO 52613321
Open joint –stock company “Bank of Moscow”
Current account 40703810300750000071
Correspondent account 30101810500000000219
Bank identification code 044525219

Chairman of board of directors of charity fund “A Child’s View” Krokin E.A.

About the Fund
The Gallery
Our Artists
Our Address

(495) 607-73-50
(495) 607-72-61
(495) 258-00-38

At the support of:

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